Jan 3, 2023

“Steakhouse of the Year in Portugal” is on WOW

Steakhouse 1828, located at WOW, receives the first international award: “Steakhouse of the Year in Portugal”

Just one year after becoming a steakhouse, 1828, located at WOW, in Vila Nova de Gaia, receives the first international award, winning the “Steakhouse of the Year in Portugal” category, in 2022, at the Travel & Hospitality Awards.

The year is not over yet, but it is already memorable for 1828, WOW's most exclusive restaurant, in Vila Nova de Gaia. In September, El Capricho's “best meats in the world” joined the already careful selection of meats, still wines and Port wines, the team highly dedicated to enogastronomic experiences and the impressive view over the city of Porto – some of the main restaurant visit arguments.

If the list was already appealing, now there is another excuse for visiting and celebrating: the title of “Steakhouse of the Year in Portugal”, a distinction awarded by the Travel & Hospitality Awards. The announcement, made recently, is the result of the choices of a jury made up of travel enthusiasts, bloggers, experts in the Tourism sector and independent organizations that recognize, around the world, the best hotels, tour operators, restaurants or SPAs.

For the “Restaurants” category, one of the most sought after and with the shortest list, criteria such as “Menu & Dishes” are evaluated, which includes not only the gastronomic offer, but also the visual component; “Design & Decoration”, which also contributes to the visitor experience; “Customer service”, above all, from the point of view of high quality service; “Location”, determined by convenience, accessibility and surrounding attractions; and “Rankings & Reviews”, a key factor in the evaluation, which results from online feedback from the restaurant's customers.

1828 shone on all fronts, highlighting the unprecedented partnership with El Capricho, a Spanish restaurant and producer of aged beef, considered the “best meat in the world”, thanks to articles in Time magazine and The Guardian newspaper. Among the 1828 dishes “by Bodega El Capricho”, which result from the union of both teams, are the imposing Chuleta with 30 days of maturation, the Tátaro of beef loin with 20 days of maturation or Cecina of beef with four years of maturation. 1828 is open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday and for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and reservations can be made online or by calling 22 012 1200. For the upcoming festive season, there are special options that can also be found at official restaurant channels.

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