October 26, 2023

Douro bridges inspire Angel's Share's first signature cocktail menu

Eight bridges givetheir name to the eight signature cocktails at the WOW bar in Vila Nova deGaia. From the busy Arrábida and D. Luiz I bridges in Porto to the disusedPocinho railway bridge, Angel's Share's new proposals crossthe Douro and time.


The 28th ofSeptember 2023 - The inspiration for Angel's Share'ssignature cocktail menu is there for all to see when they visit the WOW bar:the Douro and the D. Luiz I bridge are an integral part of the landscape thatframes the entire interior and exterior of the space.


The D. Luíz I bridgewas therefore the obvious choice for the menu. Almost as well-known as thebridge is the combination of melon and ham flavours in the D. Luíz Icocktail (13€). Just like the view, the cocktail has the ability tosurprise with its spicy base, brought by the Mexican liqueur Ancho Reyes, fusedwith the herbal touch of the French liqueur Chartreuse. Finally, a darkchocolate truffle appears at the top of the glass, on a stick that spans itlike a bridge.


The journey proposedby Angel's Share extends to the Arrábida cocktail (11€). The tall,slender glass is reminiscent of the imposing structure of the bridge, while theinterior brings together the waters of the Douro, represented by Taylor's ChipDry white Port, and the Atlantic. Salicornia, ulva (an edible seaweed thatdecorates the cocktail) and a few drops of spirulina convey the maritime sideof the composition, which also has strong notes of peach.


Like a"bridge" between present and past, the menu at Angel's Share goesback to the disused Pocinho railway bridge, in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, with acocktail that brings it back to life. Gin Raw and a splash of vinegar createthe refreshing and slightly acidic base of the Pocinho cocktail (12€),which is distinguished by the basil and tomato tile, made from pickles preparedin the bar itself.


The next proposalinvites you to imagine a more exotic side of the Douro, with the tropicality ofthe region's grape varieties translated into tropical ingredients with greataromatic richness. Coconut, fermented banana and passion fruit turn the Pinhãococktail (€11) into a sweet, citrusy proposition, which is also coloured bythe seven-year-old Santissima Trainidade rum.


Going down tothe Régua railway bridge, the "toastiness" of the Port wine barrelsis the great inspiration. The Palo Santo smoke that comes out of the Réguacocktail (12€), when served, is very present on the nose and palate. Atfirst glance, it may seem as transparent as water, but the composition takesshape with three diluted alcoholic bases: Montelobos mezcal and the Italianliqueurs Italicus and Maraschino Luxardo, the latter produced with marascacherries.


Seen fromafar, the height and length of the Ermida bridge are so great that you canimagine crossing to the other side of the Atlantic. The result is a lightcocktail with guaraná, cachaça capucana and white chocolate. Orange oils add afinal sweetness to the Ermida cocktail (€11).


Mosteirô (12€) is easilyrecognisable by the small, slender carrot floating in the glass. When you tasteit, it's also easy to recognise. There's kombucha and an infusion of lemongrasson the palate, which is quickly surprised by the Maker's Mark bourbon base, makingthis as hot as the temperatures in the Alto Douro Wine Region.


The arrival in Portois marked by the intense pink of the Dona Maria Pia cocktail (12€). Thecolour comes from the pitahaya, while the great strength of the cocktail comesfrom the Curado Cupreata tequila. In the glass, a basil foam stands out, strongin consistency and smooth in flavour.


Until now, Angel'sShare has served some signature cocktails, but this is the first time that acomplete menu has been created with proposals that complement each other.


"Angel's Share isvery wine orientated and we don't want to let go of that part, not leastbecause we're in WOW, a real 'world of wine'. However, we also want to assertthe bar's role as a cocktail bar, through cocktails with a great diversity ofingredients and flavours. The richness of the journey along the Douro River wasthe way we conveyed this," explains FábioMiranda, WOW's Head Bartender and one of the people responsible for creatingthe menu.´


All cocktailsare available at Angel's Share daily between 5pm and 1am. To accompany them,the menu also has snacks such as gyosas, toast and cheese and sausage boards toshare, as well as the wide selection of wines and Ports by the glass andbottle, always available at the WOW bar.


Angel’s Share:

Location: WOW Porto, Rua do Choupelo 39,4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia

Opening times:Everyday, 5pm – 1am

Reservations:220 121 227 or online

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