// PWS LEVEL I – 75€ // PWS LEVEL II – 185€

Designed to complement the WSET certification, 100% focused on Wine in Portugal.

The Wine School has developed a 3-level programme dedicated to Portuguese wine using the same teaching methodology as the WSET programmes. It is not compulsory to participate in or attend the WSET programme in order to enrol in the PWS, but it is recommended for a more complete programme.

  • PWS NÍVEL 1 - 75€

"Wine knowledge in Portugal"

Is aimed at people with little or no previous knowledge of wine. It aims to provide a solid but simple introduction to Portuguese wines.


. Learn about the main styles of wine produced in Portugal;

. Learn about the main characteristics of the wines produced in Portugal's main regions;

. Learn about the main production methods in Portugal and their differentiating factors.

  • PWS NÍVEL 2 - 185€

"Understanding the Portuguese Regions"

Is aimed at people who already have WSET level 2 knowledge. It aims to deepen the characteristics of the main grape varieties and some particularities of the most expressive regions.


. Understand how environmental influences, grape growing options, winemaking and bottle ageing influence the style and quality of wines produced in Portugal, from the main regions and grape varieties.

. Understand the different styles and quality of wines produced from the most important white and red grape varieties at regional level, as well as their typicality.