Learn how to taste chocolate

Jan 1
Dec 31
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The Chocolate Story

Where: The Chocolate Story

When: everyday

Hours(during the week):

10h30-11h -in Portuguese

13h-13h30 -in English

14h30-15h -in English

17h-17h30 -in Portuguese

Opening hours (weekends, public holidays and school breaks):

10h30-11h -in English

13h-13h30 -in Portuguese

30-minute sessions every day of the week

Workshop price: €10/pax.

Price of museum visit + workshop: €27.5/pax

Capacity: 21 pax

Target audience: +10 years

Thinking of all those who want to have a sensory experience with chocolate and all chocolate lovers who want to learn how to get more out of their favourite food, we've come up with a tasting that teaches you how to taste like a chocolate taster!

From this tasting that stimulates the 5 senses, you'll leave with greater sensory and food literacy about chocolate and you'll taste a selection of Vinte Vinte chocolates, our handmade chocolate brand produced in Porto and awarded internationally.


- Guided tasting

- Tasting guide

- Tasting panel and form

- Pencil

- Selection of 6 Vinte Vinte chocolates