Jan 31, 2024

Special tastings and menus for Saint Valentine

WOW proposes to love blindly: there are special tastings and menus for Saint Valentine

On Valentine's Day, WOW, Gaia's cultural quarter, offers two options to mark this special date. For the adventurous, there is a blind chocolate tasting, completed with dinner at the Golden Catch restaurant. For those who prefer just the romantic meal option, there are four restaurants to choose from, catering to all types of love.

Chocolate tasting “Love is blind” 

Mystery, sharing and pleasure in a sensorial experience for two. This is WOW's proposal for Valentine's Day. Taking place from 7pm, at VP, in the main square. The activity will last an hour and a half, begins with a Port wine and then invites participants to tune out the world and indulge in a love affair between the flavors, aromas and textures of the different chocolates suggested. Afterwards, lovers share a romantic dinner at the Golden Catch restaurant, where they can sample oysters, croakers, fish stew and seafood.

Ode to passion and gluttony

For different passions and other types of gluttony, lovers can also choose to have dinner with their other half at any of the other WOW restaurants that have created special Valentine's menus. They are: 1828, PIP, T&C and Root&Vine. The objective is to allow lovers to let themselves melt through the taste, side by side.

Wild prawn ceviche and aged picanha are the suggestions at 1828. In this restaurant, the meal opens with a cover of artisanal focaccia, followed by velvety chickpeas, with cod confit at a low temperature. The flavor tasting ends with a pavlova with raspberry and lychee textures.

At PIP, cottage cheese and spinach in fresh pasta will be served, followed by half-cured cod with brothy rice. The gluttony ends with a moist pistachio and raspberry cake and Port wine ice cream.

But there's more: cod and veal at T&C; seitan arancini, cabbage tataki and eggplant moussaka, at Root&Vine. In these four restaurants, the menus are combined with starters, desserts and drinks, carefully selected and harmonized. There are also children's menus to delight the little ones and allow the celebration of family love.

And we already know: WOW has the gift of creating the right environment for romance, thanks to the superb views of Porto and the Douro River, which are the perfect setting for dating... the city and beyond.

Reservations are advisable in all restaurants and can be made online, via e-mail to book@wow.pt or telephone 220 943 807.