Dec 16, 2023

Vinte Vinte Receives two golds and seven silvers at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2023

Vinte Vinte Receives two golds and seven silvers at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2023

The results were announced today. The Vinte Vinte brand, produced with mastery in the heart of Vila Nova de Gaia, won two gold medals, seven silver medals and one bronze medal at the prestigious Academy of Chocolate awards.

Vila Nova de Gaia, December 15, 2023 – The two Gold-winning tablets are Limited Editions, only available at the Vinte Vinte store, at The Chocolate Story museum, at WOW. They are both dark chocolate: one with 65% cocoa from Peru and the other 70% cocoa from Madagascar.

Pedro Araújo is the Chocolate Master responsible for the creation and development of Vinte Vinte chocolates: “we are very happy because in the brand's three years of existence, we have already won 29 awards, this year there were 10, two of them gold. It's a source of great pride. From Porto to the world, we are admittedly producing more than chocolate, we are producing quality.”

Vinte Vinte Chocolate, a brand that has its factory in the WOW Chocolate Museum, was born in November 2020, the date on which it presented four product ranges: Classic, Fusion, Cocoa Intensity and Grand Cru, also completing its offer with Boxes of Chocolates, Cans with Port or Classic Truffles and also Cocoa nibs and powder. Since then, it has launched other products, such as, for example, the chocolate and Port wine pairing box, which this Christmas has been the biggest choice among consumers.

In addition to the two golds, silver medals were awarded to the following chocolates: Grand Cru 70% Mexico Finca La Rioja, Cacau Intensity 100% Perú, limited editions of dark chocolate 75% Perú, 70% Perú, 75% Madagascar, 65% Madagascar and Fusion with Flor de Sal.

All of these chocolates are for sale in the Vinte Vinte physical store and some items in the online store. Vinte Vinte chocolates are still on sale in most specialty stores.