Escape Room

Mar 1
Jun 1
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The Bridge Collection

If you've come this far, it's because you've been summoned to a mission of the utmost importance!

One of the most special pieces from Mr. Adrian Bridge's personal collection, on display at the Bridge Collection museum, has disappeared and we're putting together a team of researchers to recover it!


Mission: Save the Museum!

An archaeological museum, a collection with more than 2000 artifacts used by different civilizations, more than 9000 years of history, a missing piece, a mission to find it and you are one of those summoned!‍

- This is a Escape Room by Whiterabbit. It consists of an interactive and immersive game, which invites participants to work as a team, using logic and intuition, to solve a puzzle, within a maximum period of 60 minutes.

- The Escape Room is aimed at participants of all ages. It is ideal for families and friends, for celebrating birthdays and for team buildings


  • Individual: 20€
  • Groups from 4 people: 18€ per person‍‍
  • Private session: from 15€ per person

*minimum number of participants: 4

**number of participants: 4 to 20.