Jan 3, 2023

Subenshi restaurant arrives at WOW

Subenshi is one of the most recognized sushi restaurants in the cities of Aveiro and Porto and has just found a new home in Vila Nova de Gaia.

It is one of the most recognized sushi restaurants in the cities of Aveiro and Porto and has just found a new home in Vila Nova de Gaia. Ceviches, Temakis, Sashimis, Gunkans and Nigiris make up some of the traditional and fusion sushi options, designed by Subenshi, which are now permanently available in WOW's central square.

Finding the best gastronomic experiences at WOW is already common for visitors to the cultural quarter of Vila Nova de Gaia. Now, one more is being added through a signature area entirely reserved for enjoying sushi – whether in traditional or fusion format – without forgetting vegetarian adaptations.

Respect for the raw material and creativity applied to Japanese culinary art techniques were the qualities recognized at Subenshi, a brand with a consolidated presence in Aveiro and the center of Porto, in which WOW trusted to create moments of sharing in the restaurant Root & Vine, in the middle of the central square.

Leading the Sushimen team, and also responsible for the rising “sushi empire”, is Bernardo Embaixador, founder and owner of Subenshi, who guarantees that it is “with great expectation and enthusiasm that we move forward with the integration of our brand into WOW. Strengthening our signature in the national territory is the mission to which we have dedicated ourselves since the beginning of our activity and which we now share with one of the most attractive cultural and gastronomic projects in the Porto region.”

Subenshi's crossing to the historic area of Gaia is, therefore, synonymous with achievements that elevate the experience of this style of cuisine – both for the restaurant team and for all customers. In addition to the panoramic view over the city of Porto, which will now accompany every meal, WOW becomes an attractive meeting point for those who are new to a sushi restaurant or repeat it again and again, as the available menu remains unchanged. faithful to the offering of restaurants with their own name.

The menu is extensive and allows the selection of a variety of starters including Nikkei Salmon Ceviches (€15.25), Nickkei Tuna (€8.60), Swordfish (€15.25), Lily (€18.60), Cameroon, wild prawns from Mozambique, tempura with almonds and chives (€29.65, value for 12 units), Tuna Tartar (€14.30), Toro Tartar (€61.60) and Chirashi (€37.50 ). Below is a complete section of Temakis, which come in different versions: Vegan, with Shitake mushroom, asparagus, vegan Sriracha mayonnaise and truffle (7.50€), Salmon (7.50€), Tuna (11.90€ ), Swordfish, with guacamole (€8.60), Toro and Caviar (€27.30) and the Special, a Temaki with breaded shrimp, Japanese mayonnaise and mango (€8.60).

In terms of sushi options, the highlights are the Benshi Menus (in L format, with 20 units, and XL, with 26 units, €37.50), composed of a harmonious combination of premium fusion sushi pieces and Sashimi, the Kaishi Menus (in L format, with 20 units, and XL, with 26 units, €47.25), for those who prefer a more traditional interpretation, as well as the Vegan Menu (€27.50), only with pieces of fully vegan sushi.

The list also includes Sashimi Subenshi, made with thin slices of salmon marinated in lemon and pink pepper (€22.95), Red Eyes, salmon rolls braised with Teriyaki, stuffed with shrimp and cream cheese and chives (€12.95 ) and Bluefin Tuna Toro Sashimi, caviar and kizami (€42.90).

The farewell cannot be said without visiting the dessert section, where you can find: Benshi Ló, a miniature traditional Portuguese “Pão de Ló” cake, wrapped in a wafer and mint lime ice cream (€9.70), Parfait, semifreddo of Teriyaky-scented cream with sesame crunch (€8.60), Tempura Ice, tempura hazelnut ice cream wrapped in Kadaif pastry and chocolate (€8.60) and Tarte Azuki, Japanese bean tart (€9.75). There are new meeting points, but the methods do not change. To guarantee the freshness of the fish, now also served at WOW, Subenshi does not give up on a quick freezing process (at minus 63 degrees) that preserves the properties of the product, maintaining safety and trust with customers.

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